Meet the Founders: Aurelia Soapworks

This mother, father and son trio founded Aurelia Soapworks with one main goal: locally sourced natural goodness. Aurelia Soapworks is a family business based out of Sri Lanka, and the owners handcraft everything from exfoliating scrubs, to shaving products, to candles! In their crafting process, Aurelia Soapworks sources the finest ingredients fresh from the source. And because Sri Lanka–the teardrop island off of the coast of India–is so abundant of tropical plants, flowers and fruits, their strategy has worked out well for them this far.

Aurelia Soapworks is our main supplier of self-care products. The family-run business’s focus on sustainability and clean, natural beauty aligns so strongly with Eleadora Beauty’s mission. Our synergies with Aurelia Soapworks allow both of our family-run businesses to support each other!

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