Meet the Founders: ORIRE Organics

Ope Ojo, the Nigerian-American serial entrepreneur was inspired to start her beauty brand by motherly love. She wanted only the best for her newborn daughter–to have the best care for her baby’s skin and hair. Ope knows that natural and organic is best, so her creations are cold-pressed and handmade with unrefined oils. ORIRE offers natural, organic, vegan, preservative-free and toxin-free beauty care.

Ope’s goal of educating others about the health of their skin aligns so strongly with the community that Eleadora hopes to grow. In the consumerist beauty industry, many consumers don’t fully realize what they’re really putting on their bodies. Both of our brands understand the importance of knowing what goes onto your skin and hair, and we are committed to working together to share that with the world.

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