Meet the Founders: The PINK Tub

Despite everything life has thrown at her, Victoria E. Thomas-Bodie, founder of The PINK Tub, has persevered and shined through. She grew up as one of nine children in an impoverished community, and has wanted to be an entrepreneur since she was just a kid! The only problem was that she had no idea where to start. Victoria bootstrapped and has been running The PINK Tub since 2012. It has been anything but easy during her career.

The solo-preneur Victoria pulled herself up after fighting triple negative breast cancer, and even suffering the loss of her husband due to a brain anyeurism, all while running her small business. She moved her brand from New York City, all the way back to her roots in Indianapolis, to get a fresh start.

The PINK Tub’s mission of creating organic bath & body products that are gentle enough for anyone aligns deeply with our mission at Eleadora Beauty. By working with Victoria, we can be the brand that embraces nature and inclusivity. 

Victoria was the first supplier we’ve worked with. She wholeheartedly put her faith in us to validate our idea and launch our brand while we were still in college! Victoria has inspired us to keep our brand focused on growing small businesses like hers. 

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